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LIQUIDAMBAR SCHOOL is a fully bilingual institution founded since 2010 as a superior alternative committed to form citizens with moral, ecological, and progressive values, guaranteeing success in a multicultural and ever changing world.

In our calendar from September to July, we teach the national curriculum in English, which allows learning the language in a natural way, ensuring cognitive, academic, and labor advantage.

Charles Darwin said that “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Certainly the situation we are now facing due to COVID-19 has forced us to adapt. We have embraced change and have grown stronger. Thinking beyond academic achievement, we must teach for life!

COVID-19 has come to change the educational system as we knew it, that’s why we are offering an educational program designed to be used virtually, always with accompaniment of teachers in their area of competence, trained in the management of virtual platforms not compromising academic quality.

We will start working virtually, we will continue with a return in an orderly and gradual manner as soon as the government authorities consider it appropriate. Of course we will be accompanied by the UNIMED’s medical team, with a personalized biosecurity plan.
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Liquidambar School
Calle al Campo Scout, Barrio El Molino,
Campamento Evangélico "El Encuentro", Valle de Ángeles, F.M. Honduras
Teléfono: 9897-4470, WhatsApp
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La mejor alternativa para la educación de sus hijos: Escuela y Colegio Bilingüe (Bilingual School and College). Estamos cerca para las comunidades de: "Tegucigalpa","Valle de Ángeles", "Las Tres Rosas", "Cerro Grande", "El Chimbo", "Santa Lucia", "Cantarranas", "San Juancito". Excelencia Escolar, cursos de Inglés (English), la Mejor academia, the Best education for your children. Top School in Valley of Angels. For the future of your kids, Striving for Excellence, in Honduras. Por el futuro de sus hijos, Educación de alto nivel, Buscamos ser lo mejor de Honduras. Quienes Somos Matrícula Documentos Instalaciones Imágenes Contáctenos Servicios English Español Nuestra especialidad: Educación Bilingüe, Bilingual Education. Clases virtuales en línea debido a la pandemia del COVID-19, Clases en casa, home schooling Honduras. Online virtual classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Home classes, home schooling, Honduras. Estamos interesados en voluntarios para enseñar, como maestros para nuestros alumnos (estudiantes) We are interested in volunteers to work as teachers for our alumni (students) Contenido

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